Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

My Morning Poem!

Mount Tam


The Mountain does not perturb.

She has quiet days and days where all hours

bring cars and people, noise and talk,

and there she stands, open-armed,

like an octopus

with three hearts.


The mountain has a view and is a view,

stands tall and swoops out

like a maiden in a skirt,

though many see her sleeping, undisturbed.

She offers rest and nests and strokes all being

with her curves.


She requests an audience for her words.


“I am firm with root, wise, with years.

  The Miwok revered me, honored my sacred top

                   by only looking up.

          You build a look-out for the fire you fear,

          move like fleas with ample ease,

          an ease you do not seem to carry within.

          Learn from me.   I teach a slow and easy spin,

          following the earth as it turns.”


I walk up and down her slopes, in and out of ravines,

intend to bring as much peace as any human can,

while the mountain reaches, holds bent knees

and folded hands. 



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