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Letting the world in, or, perhaps be -

I struggle sometimes with understanding acceptance and therefore telling myself it is okay to not be working every moment of my life to stop outer and inner wars, and that it is okay to cultivate this level of peace of which Gangaji speaks.   I know it is to accept all, and sometimes it is hard when we read and see children soldiers and so much suffering and death.

Words of Gangaji:

When you experience "other" as self, you experience deep pain and hurt. And you choose to either close to that or to open even more. When you recognize that there is no other, the pain of the world that you have denied is experienced as the pain of your own self. You can invite that universal pain into your heart. Then that very pain is revealed to hold the treasure, to hold the reality of the deepest, most profound truth. We think that the realization of truth is all about lightness, bliss, and ecstasy; but if that were so, realization would not include all. True realization is the doubtless certainty that you and all can never really be separated.


Are you ready to experience the naked, raw truth of the fragility of life forms and how quickly they can end, unexpectedly, even horribly, and the suffering that reverberates from that ending? To directly experience that fragility and suffering is to welcome the whole truth. To accept the invitation is to be still in whatever is arising and to tell the truth about what remains permanently here, in peace and in love.


In this moment in time, we can finally recognize how much is unknown politically, economically, culturally, and globally. We can seize the opportunity to meet that unknown-ness and discover the indefinable fulfillment that is forever unknowable.


Never in the history of the world have so many people been aware of what is happening on the other side of the globe while it is happening. Never have so many people been aware that the pattern of war is not new. And never have so many people been willing to say, "Stop."


Wherever you find yourself, you are invited at this moment to stop and recognize the sublime truth of who you are. This truth can always be found in surrendered unknowingness, but it is often covered by the concept of me or mine. The choice then is to be true to truth or to turn from it once again.


You can actually experience the fullness of peace in this moment, here, right now, regardless of circumstances. You can discover the joy that includes pain, the love that includes hate, the peace that includes war.

The selection above is a part of Chapter 49 from Gangaji's new book. The Diamond in Your Pocket, published by Sounds True.



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