Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

I'm back, perhaps shakily so.  I had no internet access at Squaw, no email or blog, no sending or receiving, no news, except for USA Today, so no news at all.

I have a great deal I will say over time, but, for this morning, I will say how grateful I am to be home.  I love my home and the fog is in and I am snuggly dressed in my cuddliest shirt and pants. 

I listened to Ron Paul today.  There are many interviews with him on YouTube, and I must say, I am leaning in to support him.  I don't agree with him on every issue, but because he does have an opinion and does address the issues, I can identify with him on enough to think this may be our only hope.  I am starting to feel the situation for this country is dire enough I would consider him, and maybe it is just this moment.  There are more to come.   Here is his website.  http://www.ronpaul2008.com/issues/

I don't agree with him on gun issues and abolishing the Department of Education, but our schools used to be a local issue.  Maybe we need  that again, and maybe the people who are responsible could influence the spread and use of guns. 

I also feel after standing on the top of Squaw at 8200 feet and being blown pure and clean by the sun and wind, that we must have nature.  We need to be out in it.  I stayed at the Village at Squaw, in other words, Disneyland, where silence and inactivity are suspect.  Spend; Spend; Spend.  Do; Do; Do. Put your children in a wrestling camp, a ropes course, a trapeze act.   Bounce them up and down in harnesses on trampolines.  Ah, there is good old-fashioned miniature golf, and a swimming pool and an ice skating rink, and the gondola ride is magnificent, but I was also reading Rick Bass and stories of how to hunt and skin an elk, on how to cut down a tree for winter firewood.   I think we need to return to some basic awareness of what it means to be alive and feel fear, real fear, a bear at our front or back.

We are protected to the point of losing touch with our senses.  It took me five hours to drive back from Squaw, twice as long as Mapquest says it should take.  Why?  There was no accident.  When we called, we learned this is normal.  We left at 11 in the morning, thinking everyone would be where they were going, but no,  the traffic along 80 crawled for hours.  

I am caught right now between many places, the granite rocks, Jeffery pines, cool mountain pools, and technology that means a noisy little truck can pick up garbage all through the day and night.  Beep, Beep, Beep.  Why do they only back up, and is there so much garbage it needs to be picked up every hour?   Perhaps there is.  The line at Starbucks never stops, and I was often in it, so I can't complain.  I have to wonder, though, if the day of the broom is gone.    Is silence suspect?   Must a mountain village be blasted with canned music throughout the day?   Where is peace, thought, awareness of our own individuality and our connection with others?

I fear greatly for this country.  We think we can live without contact with nature.  When we die, we can be put in a vault so we don't decompose for 500 years, but wouldn't it be better to live free while we are alive and to allow our nutrients to recycle quickly on through.  Plankton recirculates its biomass every two to six days.  Redwood trees take thousands of years.  We are somewhere inbetween.

I guess what I see as to politics after being at Squaw is we need something dramatic, and that may well be someone radically conservative  like Ron Paul.

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