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Poems by Amy Uyematsu -

When I was at Squaw, I continued to write, "Wind from the Mountain, Enough."   Perhaps that is why I responded so to the simple truths and words of this book, Stone Bow Prayer.  I offer some poems by Amy Uyematsu.

  fall daikon

just pulled from the soil
these pungent roots
hang from bamboo poles
their white tubed bodies
bend as if slightly aroused

each ripe radish will
be drenched
in salt
then eaten raw
all winter

    - Amy Uyematsu

                for Thich Nhat Hanh

How many years of suffering
revealed in hands like his
small and deliberate as a child's

The way he raises them
from his lap, grasps the teacup
with sure, unhurried ease

Yet full of anticipation
for what he will taste in each sip
he drinks as if it's his first time

Lifts the cup to his mouth,
a man who's been practicing all his life,
each time tasting something new.

    - Amy Uyematsu


Old monk sits in a garden
made of nothing but stones
a garden without
the distractions
of gingko or flowering
cherry trees
no bursts of purple
from iris or eggplant
no pond brimming
with pollywogs, lotus
and vermillion koi
just ordinary stones
a man can carry
from the sea
smooth, dark ovals
of charcoal and raven,
ebony, carbon and ink.

Sometimes he
sweeps them
with the soft bristles
of a bamboo broom.

Sometimes rain
washes them
water clinging
to the stones' thirsty skins
now reflected by sun
in this glistening ground

Every night
old monk listens
to an abundant stillness
giving thanks

    - Amy Uyematsu

I realize now that though I am not an old monk, I was very aware of the children and parents at Squaw.  I was with memories of my children and all we shared.  I was like the old monk listening "to an abundant stillness / giving thanks."

I appreciate having age and time to just sit, appreciate and give thanks.  There was no need for me to jump or bounce, only be.

Perhaps it is to accept that, at times, and in eternity, "being" is enough, along with The Wind from the Mountain.


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