Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
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What we don't always see -

I just made an appointment for Tiger and Bella to have their one year check-up and shots.  They have not been in the car for a year, and, at that time, they both fit in one box.  Now, they will each have their own container.  I was thinking I would appreciate a service right now that would take Tiger and Bella to the vet, and that way I am not perceived as the "bad guy," but, I actually don't know what they will think of this experience, and my other pets never held a grudge against me, so I don't know why I think these two are so delicate as to new experience.  The vet is very nice and everyone there goos all over them.  Maybe they will love it, and even if they don't, I do it for them, and so, I was considering how many times experiences might be provided for us that we may not appreciate at the time, not realizing we are being immunized against something much worst.

We will all happily visit the vet next Tuesday.   I saw Harry Potter last night and enjoyed it and now I have succumbed and will read the new Harry Potter book.  Somehow it feels right to delve into the subjects Rowlings surfaces.  I am also reading the Dalai Lama's new book, Mind in Comfort and Ease.

I find these words of the Dalai Lama comforting. 

"In our practice, we might develop certain positive experiences, but without stabilizing them through familiarity, they will last no more than a few days, weeks, or months.  They will disappear like our physical strength when we don't keep in training or like the water that has gone off the boil. But once we manage to gain some stability, the qualities we are trying to develop in our training will become natural properties of our mind, which will then remain, even without any effort on our part. That is what it means to develop a quality to its fullest extent - to reach the point at which a property has become so familiar that is is simply present without us having to apply any further effort.

Our physical bodies age and lose their strength.  Despite all our anti-aging creams and pills and rejuvenating treatments of every kind, slowly the wrinkles creep across our face and our hair turns gray.  Regardless of what we do to care for our bodies, eventually they grow old, and we can do nothing to stop that process.  In the case of consciousness, there are certain states of mind that have become familiar to us over the years and that continue even as we grow old or live with illness. If we have always been cheerful and calm, for example, we will continue to be cheerful and calm even in our old age. So the qualities of the body will eventually disappear no matter how much we might do to try and safeguard them, but the qualities of the mind, if we have really trained and cultivated familiarity with them, will remain for as long as the mind itself continues. That is why we can say that the qualities of the mind can be developed infinitely and boundlessly."

Ah, I love that!!   Here is to infinite bounds!


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