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The New Yorker has an article on Spam.  It appears there is nothing that can be done about it.  The spammers are clever, and it costs them nothing to send it out.  I certainly noticed no dip in my spam when a big spammer was recently caught.  I have different approaches when I delete spam.  Lately, I am trying to send loving-kindness to those who send it.  It may not affect them, but at least my blood pressure doesn't rise and I feel some relief.

The following words help too in accepting that the universe is "free" and unpredictable, though, in this moment, it seems spam may be a predictable fact of computer email life.

We are beginning to explore the physics of beauty. Philosophers and scientists have come together to name certain universal themes.

The universe tends toward complexity.
The universe is a web of relationship.
The universe tends toward symmetry.
The universe is rhythmic.
The universe tends toward self-organizing systems.
The universe depends on feedback and response.

Thus, the universe is “free” and unpredictable.
The themes of the universe may be the elements of beauty. Certainly, they are the elements of flowers.

Sharman Apt Russell from Anatomy of a Rose



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