Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Another thought -

I think the need to remove clutter began when I watched the video on how many changes we will each undertake in our lifetime.  I have lived conservatively for the most part, figuring one watch, one suitcase was enough.  Often I am puzzled by the array of material items as they seasonaly change, telling me I need new colors, shapes and styles, but I see now that we are in a changing world, and so, perhaps I need to up-date a bit, to realize this is a world of constant recycling and renewal.  I need to clean out my brain and space so there is room for all that comes, and even as I type this I think of the grinder my grandmother used to grind meat that is up in the closet and probably as efficient and certainly more rewarding than a food processor.  I still enjoy writing words by hand.  I love my old books, many in need of new binding.  I love the comfort of old clothes, colors, shapes.   Today is a day to balance the old and the new, wisdom that is old and creation, imaginatively new.  Today is my balance day as I take time to look out at the view.

Bella does not like change.  She is happy to see that the cage that took her to the vet yesterday is downstairs.  She sits in the chair next to me, looks at me, and squeaks.  She is clear.  There may be mess, but there is one thing that matters and that is for me to pet her and for her to lick my hand.

May your day balance the changing colors and lengths, and prism and unprism the light.

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