Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

a fourth part of the brain soon to come -

Today I can connect to Google, but then go no further, so I do not have instant access to any bit of information I care to follow.   The question is being asked, "How did we get information before Google?"

If I stop to remember, what about those younger than I.

So, it seems computers are going to get faster and faster and soon outpace us, and as they get smaller and smaller, I'm sure we will have an implant put right into our brain, and so we will experience the rise of the brain, reptile, mammal, neocortex, and, computer chip.  What will be the gain?  Rationality perhaps.  Will we become like Mr. Spock on Star Trek?  Or will we program the stuff of our humanness in too?   We are in the era of science fiction.  I've been going along noticing, but, today, I think I am "getting" it more firmly in my limited, still human way.  The future can't be foretold and maybe never could but we tried to put a handle on it.  Religions have been telling us to surrender,  let go,  trust.  It seems that soon that will be all we can do.  I feel like I'm being shot through the tunnel of a water slide and ahead is a light I might begin to explore or maybe I'll settle back in and enjoy the flight.  I'm sure there will be multiple movies to choose and review. 

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