Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

The fog is in more thickly today laughing at the weather forecasters who had the nerve to place a full sun on today, Sunday.  It is fine with me.  I'm happy to warmly dress.

We are going over to the East Bay.  Chris and Frieda have rented a house and created a home, and have invited both sets of parents and siblings, two brothers and wives over for Sunday brunch.   It is curious to me the merging of families, and, of course, I may be ahead of myself, but Chris and Frieda seem joyfully compatible, and in and with love, so who knows.   Anyway, I am enthused about a beautiful day.

I am reading Parabola.  This issue's theme is Holy Earth.   Here is  the first paragraph of  the introduction called FOCUS, written by the editor.

    "You can't stop a charging rhino, the saying goes, but it turns out that you can.  After four million years on the planet, the West African Black Rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis longipes) was halted in its tracks last year, and declared extinct.  It seems that we killed too many of them for their horns, to use as handles for ceremonial daggers in Yemen and as folk medicine in Asia."

    Each of us is affected by this loss.  We who live extravagently in the west with huge, mainly unconscious, consumption of resouces,  are certainly responsible, and we can all make changes that make a difference, unite to find a way that diversity is honored, respected and continues to flourish on this wonderful planet earth.

    A reverent and inspirational Sunday to All!


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