Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!!

It is another day of sun with a ribbon of fog.  I love the ribboned tease, and the massage of a cooling breeze.

I read about the toys from China and consider how much children love playing with boxes and sticks.  Perhaps we don't need so many toys from China.  I am also happy to read that American toymakers are now seeing a surge in purchasing of their products.  Yes, it is worth more money for lead-free paint.   We could buy better and purchase less and the world would be a better place.  I speak to myself here, too.  It is again about awareness in all we ingest and connect.

I am hoping this with the toys will lead to what is happening with food.  Buy locally!   I saw a big sign at my local market for "local blueberries."  I was surprised that blueberries can be grown in Marin, but we have many microclimates here, so it makes a reasonable kind of sense.  I look and the blueberries are from Oregon.  I'm not sure how that is local, but I suppose it is more local than Chile where blueberries are grown and shipped in our winter. 

Emerson advised, "Allow yourself to trust joy and embrace it and you will find you dance with everything."

I take those as good and appropriate words for today.  Trust and embrace joy and dance with everything.

Yesterday, I dropped my small container of "local" organic, expensive, blueberries on the floor, and it was quite a dance picking them up and feeling the squishy ones and the firm.  Steve and I gathered them together.  It was like dessert.

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