Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

I woke at 4, meditated and then sat and watched the stars flicker out as the sky began to wake.   Quite a treat.  I am refreshed by a wonderful day yesterday spent with the water of the bay.  I took an early ferry over to the city, and walked to MOMA to see the Matisse exhibit of his sculptures and some of his paintings.   It was amazing to see how he was inspired by Rodin and how he worked with the clay in his own way, often with his eyes closed, so that his sculptures are more about energy than muscle.  I then walked back to the bay and south to the Crossroads Cafe, an amazing place where you eat outside in a private garden.  There were children with their parents at the museum and at the cafe and I enjoyed watching them play.  Actually at the museum it seemed to be mainly  Europeans bringing their children to see the art.  I walked down to the baseball stadium, quiet on this beautiful day, met with my book group for dinner and we took the last ferry home, leaving SF at 9:35.  I see how renewed I am by water.  It was an exquisite day with full starlight last night and electric lights reflecting on the water.  I also had a chance to see how many people commute by ferry.  It is good to see and the tourists are out in full force.  There was a great deal of exclaiming as people first sighted the Golden Gate Bridge as we traveled from Larkspur to the city.  It was another chance to be a tourist in my own town and I enjoyed it thoroughly.  There is a reason SF is a popular destination. 

I'm open to what this day brings, but, for now, it is thrilling to welcome the arriving light.   Wow!   There was another huge jump.   It is clear and the hill is now in view, and the trees.  It is silent.  The birds are still asleep, and there is no wind, not the slightest movement or breeze.

Ah, now, one chirp comes.  There is more movement than I.  The day awakes. 

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