Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!!

We went out for coffee this morning and reveled in the probe of bright, warm sun.  Then, I saw wisps of fog sneaking in and soon fog was pouring over the hills, and the wind was chill, and  now, it seems to have moved back out, and all is again still.   How funny it is to live so affected by the whims and moods of fog.  I was reading some menus for my area that are soups that can be served hot or cold, so you prepare dinner and then look out and decide what is needed as to serving.  Warm soup and a fire, or cold soup outside in shorts.  

I went to a memorial service years ago, and the minister spoke of how people in California are aware that the ground literally moves under their feet.  Because of that, we adapt more easily to change.  Our sky in the Bay area certainly offers a smorgasbord, a moving display.

I am softly purring, my little cat feet quite happy today.

I read the Khaled Hosseini book, A Thousand Splendid Suns last night.  I highly recommend it as an understanding of how complex issues in other countries, and therefore, in our own country, are.  The book is about Afghanistan and is sobering.   Love triumphs and it is a haunting examination of pain and suffering, and yet, if one is loved amidst it all, that is enough.  

May everyone enjoy this Sunday and the fact that bombs are not exploding in our streets, and everyone, male and female, has the legal and moral chance and opportunity for education.

I spoke with a woman yesterday who has never been able to read more than a few pages at a time.  It was too exhausting for her to do more than that.   Now she is working with a neurologist and through the use of a computer program, in three months her brain will have re-trained and she will be able to read a whole book.  How exciting is that!!

Here is to new patterns in our brains and lives, and love and understanding swinging round us like a young girl's braids.


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