Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy


The day softly unfolds.  I am reading Ode magazine.    It suggests omega-3 capsules or preferably foods that contain omega-3 as a way to improve mood and lower aggression.  "The chance of being murdered is 30 times greater in countries where fish consumption is low."  That is a startling statistic. 

The reason the value of omega-3 fatty acids isn't more widely pushed is that there is no money in it.   It can't be patented.  There is money in putting ADHD children on Ritalin.  The article points out that 20 years ago we didn't know about ADHD children.. Now it is one of the fastest growing disorders worldwide.  I thought ADHD might be related to children not playing outdoors enough and too much TV and computer games, but a lack of nutrients seems like a valid reason also.  The article does say omega-3 can't do everything, but it certainly sounds like a valuable supplement for us all. 

So, eat fish tonight or pop your omega-3.

I am heading out to walk down to the grocery for tomatoes and bread to make a summer soup.

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