Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

freedom thoughts, not fries -

As I walk down to the store, I consider an "order" on deep-frying with oils that have no trans fats.   Many people have "weighed in" on their opinion, with some saying it is unconstitutional to tell people what to eat, and others are clear,  that yes, we need to ensure that people eat healthy since we are all somewhat responsible for health care.

I'm not sure what I think on this issue.  The thought of a deep-fried Snicker is rather revolting, so, for me, who loves sweets, this awareness of a new food group is probably a good thing.  I am gobbling salad and apples in response.

We all share the planet.  Figuring out the way to do that with the most ease seems to me the important thing.

The day is so magnificent I can barely bear it and I do.  The fall equinox is one month away and I am already turning toward the abundance of fall and harvest,  followed by the deepening introspection,  winter brings.

Soft joy is mine today.

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