Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Morning -

Jane and I spoke this morning, and then, she wrote a gem.

I was feeling angry, because Jan's parents asked to meet Jeff at dinner, and then, took it away.   Perhaps, rage is more what I was feeling.  There was no creative flow.  I was an angry little particle, not a wave.  I hope now I have pounded my particle into bits, and maybe will find some flow today. 

I place here what I wrote this morning, and, then, end with Jane's beautiful essence.

I write in an attempt to break through to understanding:

the tribe,
sons, daughters,
values -
my son -
your daughter -
we go back to the first family here -
my family, mine - ego -
the ego says, “Mine,”
and I,  in an attempt to evolve,
say, now, “Mine this.  Find the wealth,
the merging of families outside the cave.
Inbreeding is not a good thing.
Reach!  Reach!  Reach!


 And then there is the wonder of  Jane:

I wake in early morning, into an ocean of moonlight.

My blanket is embroidered in a new language.

But its hem is the worn edge I pull over my ears.

I hear the tent flap snap.

Ash fills the hibachi, no coals.

Where will we find water today, wood?

When did the alibi for my life become mosaic law.


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