Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

The moon last night was such a bright presence that I had to get up and spend time with it.  What a wonderfully reflective, shiny round friend.

Lama Anagarika Govinda says:

The forces which move the cosmos are no different from those which move the human soul.

Experiencing the sun and the moon and their movement helps me to understand that.   This morning I can laugh at my experience last night.  I attended another publishing workshop, this one on making the perfect "pitch," and I heard even more negatives on the current world of book publishing.  Everyone is so serious, including me, and the horror stories are out there, and somehow this morning looking out on all these happy bright green leaves, some already in sun, and others knowing it comes, it seems that life is exactly right with me. 

I find it ironic that the book Breast Stroke is about the peace and ease I found in what might have been traumatic, while last night in trying to "sell" it, I felt I was beaten with a battering ram, and I created the ram.  It was my expectation and demand.

It is time to back off and breathe.  Return to the earth, the ground of breath, the arms that massage and stimulate with the easy breeze and tease of connection and love.   I offer my breath and receive yours.  

Ah!!   Breathed!

Today, I have all I need.   May this day be the same for you, luxuriously simple, wise, complete.


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