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Rebecca Solnit has an article in Orion, called "A Fistful of Time, The fast, the bad, the ugly, the alternatives."  She has written the book A Field Guide to Getting Lost, which is about "the uses of the unpredictable and the immeasurable."   She has also written a book on the history of walking.  I give you the first and last paragraph of her article to give you a flavor of what she is saying.  Even though she is saying the time in the middle, the time getting there is valuable and important, I am allowing you to use your imagination for the journey or you might buy Orion for yourself.

Rebecca Solnit:


    "The four horsemen of my apocalypse are called Efficiency, Convenience, Profitability, and Security, and in their names, crimes against poetry, pleasure, sociability, and the very largeness of the world are daily, hourly, constantly carried out.  These marauding horsemen are deployed by technophiles, advertisers, and profiteers to assault the nameless pleasures and meanings that knit together our lives and expand our horizons."     



    "Ultimately, I believe that slowness is an act of resistance, not because slowness is a good in itself but because of all that it makes room for, the things that don't get measured and can't be bought."

Ah, yes, breathe.   The moon, the sun, the stars, the leaves.   Breathe.  Root!   Reach.


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