Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Journeying -

As I consider the words of Rilke, feeling now in a calm place, I consider how we can stay with ourselves and our internal journey, even as we travel around the globe.  Perhaps that is the key, to stay with ourselves no matter where we are, and to carry that inner, peaceful place with us no matter what.

When I was fiddling with words this morning, I was struck by the stimulation that travel can offer, so I am between Kafka's words of sitting in a room and having all come to me, and Rilke's on the journey in, and my own feeling right now of being the spark between two sticks or stones, San Francisco and Hong Kong.   Here is my morning poem.



Tonight I fly on a plane across the Pacific,

ocean of peace and calm -

my excitement a kettledrum

beating my heart and insides

Calm, I say - relax, reflect.

Instead everything in me is running

as off a diving board

a jackknife through the air

landing in a brand new pool.


What will it be like?

Hong Kong.

Just the words speak a different beat,

Fast, concise, clear - chop, chop,

unlike San Francisco where the bread is sour dough,

slow to rise,

yeast bathes

in waves of fog and sun,

and there is a rhythm I share.  


In this moment, I need the stimulation of one place and another,

the rubbing of flint,

the spark of two sticks,

the leap of connection,

the newness that fits.  



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