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It's Saturday!!

Good Saturday Morning!


Yesterday was a day of saying good-bye, one last walk through the town, through Victoria Park, along the Promenade, one last time to hear the cannon pop at noon, and to see the light show at eight, one last evening drink with a view, one last rising to the waking of the boats.  Again, today, it is gray, a light gray. I see a faint line of hills.  One boat slowly cruises by, awakening the bay.  Others follow.  Three battleships entered the harbour yesterday and are anchored quietly out.  They, too, are gray.


I look around and say good-bye to our little home of two weeks, actually it’s not so little and it will be lovely to greet our own precious home.   Steve and I are happy to return.


I have a book to recommend, a must-read.  We continue to read of people who are being released from prison because DNA proves them innocent.  John Grisham, in his first non-fiction book, The Innocent Man, presents one case, that is an unimaginable travesty of justice and humanity.  It takes place in Ada, Oklahoma, and is not only an indictment of the penal system in Oklahoma, but also of many of the people who don’t seem to understand the religion they profess and how it might manifest as true Christianity in their lives.  One cannot generalize, certainly, but Grisham gives some shocking particulars.  I think we all need to read it and consider how our tax dollars are being spent in the torturing of certain people. In addition, mental illness is a valid defense, though it seems not in Ada, thanks to Mr. Peterson, who is still supposedly doing his job as prosecutor.  It is unfathomable. 


This book came out in 2006.  I continue to be amazed at what I don’t know.  We were looking through our small English section in the one book store we found in Macau and found this.  I recommend it, even though there are parts that will make you absolutely sick.   Actually, it could be billed as a diet book.  That way it would be sure to sell. 


It is a book about forgiveness, the greatest step of all.  


I see more light today.  Two buildings across the way are reflecting in the bay.    Do they feel the extra depth?   Do we?


We arrived here two weeks ago at just about this time.   Hmmm!   I hope I am gracefully changed, and a little wiser in the way of forgiveness and life.


There is a bowl of fruit on the table, apples, pears, and oranges.  I, too, want to settle easily next to those who come from other trees.


I decide I must have one last walk, so head out under the street, through the tunnel and along the Promenade.  The wind has shifted.  The pall has lifted.  The breeze comes from the East and I smell the ocean.   Yum!! 


I realize now how draining it has been to have the air so gray, stale, polluted and still.  This is refreshing.  I feel like Mary Poppins, ready to open my umbrella and be lifted to a new land.  We’ll get home time-wise before we leave.


There is an article by Robert D. Kaplan in the International Herald Tribune today.  He points out that while we have been using up our resources in Iraq, the Asian militaries have been quietly modernizing, and in some cases, enlarging.   The playing field is being leveled, and we are going to need to learn to get along.  The bully Bush is gone.


I am reminded of when the 49’ers had such a strong football team with Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, and Steve Young.  They trampled the other teams and it wasn’t really that much fun.  De Bartolo had money to spend and he did.  Then, the rules were changed and the money spent among teams leveled out.  I think it makes for better games.  This is good for us.


I stood today looking at the monument dedicated to the return of Hong Kong to China.  They are justly proud of what they have done and are doing.  The United States has long represented freedom and individuality.   May we return to waving the flag for compassionate strength with welcoming arms, and not the military kind. 


I read yesterday an article on America and Britain and how we have not always been friends.  It is important to remind ourselves that a winning manner is an open heart.


May we return to what we believe, and live open to the excitement and curiosity of the people of this world.   There is space for us all, on land, in the skies, at sea.




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