Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Checking in -

Since I was feeling well, I went to the nursery for some Primrose plants to replace some of the water-laden Impatiens, and I stopped at the grocery store too. Well, that little venture wiped me out, so I am home, resting, and reading the New York Times on mirror neurons, quite fascinating, and visualizing this suggestion of Nicolas Kristof today. He suggests that Bush launch a "high-profile Global War on Poverty." He points out that this would be a war the whole world could support. Before Bush became president, I had high hopes of this. It seemed there was a chance for peace and consideration of the environment, and the poor and the ill. Maybe now, since Bush's reason for war has been proven to have been fabricated, and, since he surely wants more than a legacy of creating more enemies for the US, he will look at something he might do to help people other than himself and his cronies, and, in so doing, he will help us all.

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