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Two more things -

Read Mark Morford today in the SF Chronicle.    http://sfgate.com/columnists/morford/

My brother informs me that the game of Monopoly will now be played with credit cards.   You slide your card through the slot and the magnetic slip is read.   No more counting money.  How sad is that!

I remember my mother speaking of one reason Monopoly was so popular when it came out during the Depression.  It was an opportunity for those who had no money, to count some.  They could see what they had, and maneuveur, bargain, and plan.  I loved tucking my piles under the board and keeping them straight.  If I had enough 500's, I might hide a few to conceal my wealth and pounce with it when the time was right.

How does one keep track with a credit card?   Perhaps, that is why the U.S. is in such debt.  College kids are given "free" credit cards and never get out from under the interest charges and fines.

It seems something is lost with credit cards, not cash.  I like dividing by eight when I use my Hong Kong dollars.  I like paying cash, and counting the "ducats" I have left..  

Monopoly is a game of luck, so without the manual manipulation of money, and the arguing over whether the "fines" should go into Free Parking, or not, what is there? 

I mentioned that the casino macines on Macau don't release coins.  The floors are relatively quiet.  Again, it seems something is lost, but maybe that is just for us old-timers.  For the young, it is how things are and speeds things up.  I always liked my little cup of coins.   No wonder there is no longer appeal.

Of course, in the past I would be traveling today by boat and it would be months before I got home, so, there, is that.  Happy Saturday.  I get two of them.   Hooray!  I'm glad it is such a special day!!

This is my last posting from Hong Kong!!


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