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Well, now, I am a bit tipsy after some Navarro Zinfadel, which I love, but I was a bit tipsy even before the wine.   I actually almost fell out of my chair and I had not had a drop to drink, and I have not slept  for more hours than I can count but way more than twenty-four.  Steve thinks it may be thirty or maybe now thirty-two, but I'm not sure, at this point, how competent either of us are at math.   I admit I cannot sleep on a plane and I can't watch movies on a plane, , or I can watch them, but with no sound, because I can't put earphones over my ears.  I feel claustrophobic with my ears unaired and  latched.

 It is 10:30 Sunday morning in Hong Kong, and that means I missed a Saturday night of sleep, but I must tell you that I walked out onto my deck tonight, Saturday night in California, and, there, among the clouds, was the moon.  I love the moon.   I saw forty seconds of moon in Hong Kong in 16 days and here it was,  shining brazen, the moon, unemcumbered by distance or time.   "I am here," it said to me.  

And this is the most amazing part.  There is wood-smoke in the air.  Wood-smoke.  After rain.   Fall is here, and I live where we can have real winter fires.  We live, in this funny little place, in teeny-tiny fifties styles homes and we are grandfather'ed or perhaps, grandmother'ed in,  and we can have real wood burning fires.  Okay, it is not environmentally correct, but, it is a small, isolated street and it is the gift of staying in the same house for many, many years.  It must be thirty years now that we have lived here.  Our Chris was not yet one year old  when we moved in.  Now, he is thirty and engaged to be married.  I love my street!   Our yearly block party is coming up, another cork, uncorked,  in the passage of time.  

So, we had family-owned Stefano's garlic pizza for dinner, and family-owned Navarro wine, and now, there is the moon.  What a welcome home!!

Chris calls.  Did I say that they have chosen their wedding site and all plans are moving along, and they want Frieda's mother and me to marry them, and so we talk and talk about the wedding and I am a most blessed and excited human being.   If you think there might be lack in the world, know there is a person who lives in the fullest abundance and that is I.  I had a great deal of time to think on this trip and much of my thought was on the abundance in which I live.   I live centered in gifts.

On the plane, I read one half of Gao Xingjian's book, One Man's Bible.  I found it at the airport, and could really relate to the Hong Kong parts because I knew of what he spoke.  I recognize the coffee shop, hotel.   There is not that much in that area and I realized how different it is to read a book when you know the spot.  I feel I know a bit of Hong Kong. 

So, I am tired, and soon to bed, and I am grateful that my son, Jeff, is happily wed, and that next July 5th, my baby, Chris, will be wed, too.  Both my sons have found jewels for women, brides, support, equal partners,  in life.  I am thrilled!!

I live in a home, a place where time sometimes seems to have stopped, and I revel in the beautiful diamond drops, the prism'd light in my life.

The front of the New Yorker this week has a huge pink platformed shoe among the other simple, brown shoes.  The title is:  "There goes the neighborhood."   For some reason, my neighborhood stays the same.   We have room to hug the moon.


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