Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
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skunk -

I began to walk up my driveway, when I saw  running down toward me a skunk, a nice, fluffly, healthy-looking skunk.  As quickly as I scampered into the garage,  it darted into the vinca.  No damage was done on either side, but I decided to google skunks because I thought they were noctural.

They are noctural and come out at sunset.  It is unusual that they be out in the day and could mean rabies, but this guy seemed as afraid of me as I was of him or her.  I saw no frothing at the mouth, and suspect it is a youngster, newly grown, and maybe confused on when it is the best time to be out.

Skunks are beneficial,  gentle animals, and they can dig under fences and seem quite clever in finding a warm, safe place to live.  If one is sprayed, the clothes involved will probably have to be thrown away.  The stench is that pungent.  

They have a territory of five to ten miles, though I wonder if that is true here where food is so readily available.  Today was garbage day, always a treat in the animal world, though we do have our new strong, hefty containers.  Skunks have two enemies,  automobiles and Great Horned Owls.  I will hope for a Great Horned Owl to come my way.  I am realizing we had one for awhile, but I haven't heard him/her lately.  Perhaps that is why we have a brazen skunk who is confused on the time of day.  On the other hand, owls sleep in the day, though cars do not.

This one was cute, and I think of Flower and Bambi, and I really prefer not to get sprayed.

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