Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Afternoon -

The fog is blowing in and pouring over the hills.  The temperature has dropped.  Our natural air conditioning is back.

It is likely the full moon will have some privacy in its rise this evening.  

I had time today to read various columns and catch up on the news, to read more about the war now so obviously about oil, and then, to realize how "they"  probably will "get away" with it.  .  It is hard not to feel discouraged and I don't.  I may take a few days off from the news, but I do believe the individual has a voice in the long run, that "good" does trump "evil," and that the children of these people who seem to have no conscience, will.

For now, I am prepared to use cooking as a way to heal and meditate.  I have purchased food and plan to chop, stir, bake.  More than nutrients come forth in the cooking of food.  Preparation medicates.

Here is Hafiz.


        No one is looking

    I swallow deserts and clouds.
And chew on mountains knowing
            They are sweet

When no one is looking and I want
                    To kiss

        I just lift my own hand



                                - Hafiz

May your evening be peace and ease!


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