Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy


A young woman I know mentioned she is a Pollyanna and then I realized she looks like Pollyanna, and I got an urge to see the original version of the movie, Pollyanna,  with Hayley Mills.  I watched it tonight, and somehow in true Pollyanna fashion, I only remembered the prisms and joy, and forgot the fall from the tree and the dropped doll.  I cried and cried.   I also cried when the children stood up on the stage, dressed as  the flag and sang about America.  I am a patriot.  I love this country and that is why all of this is so hard.  If I didn't care and believe that we have stood for something, it wouldn't bother me to see it thrown away.  I loved the book The Greatest Generation, and I have always felt proud of my own, and I am proud now.   We will return to the constitution.   It's never too late.   The movie pivots on seeing the best in people, and rejoices in the over 800 joyful passages in the Bible.  It works for me!

We are enclosed in fog on this full moon night, and I am grateful  that some "old" movies do withstand  the test of time. At least this one did for me, and I'm sure I enjoyed it differently than when I saw it as a child. 

Happy Childhood Dreams, and finding reasons to be glad!!

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