Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

It is another joy-filled day.  I walk from the front of the house to the back trying to decide which plants to enjoy and where to sit.

There are three columns in the NY Times today that are worth checking out.  Actually there are probably more but these are the three that spoke to me, the ones by Frank Rich, Maureen Dowd, and Thomas L. Friedman.   Check them out.   The NY Times no longer charges to view their articles.  They learned it was more cost-effective to have you view their ads, so squint your eyes in such a way that you only take in the "good stuff."

I am reading a book of selected stories and writings by Jorge Luis Borges.  I wanted to read a writer from Argentina.  I am currently in his short stories from the book called Labyrinth.  It feels right for me to be there as I am feeling more and more the labyrinth in layers in which we may choose to notice we live.

I was reading last night about Buddhist publishing in the United States.  There was a debate about what levels the work should be published as there is quite a range of translations and interpretations of Buddhist thought.  How much should it be dumbed down for "us."  One thing that struck me is that books used to have 90 days to "make it" in a book store before they were sent back.  Now, they have 30 days.  There are also fewer publishers and everything is squeezed.

It is not a day to worry about that.  It is summer and warm with fall.  I remember my childhood now and walking in the fall leaves and raking them and jumping in them and then the fire.  We don't have that pleasure here but we certainly have sweet nectar in our air.



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