Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Evening -

I am exhausted.  I left early this morning to go up to Guerneville.   Traffic was light in my direction and the fall colors once I turned off 101 were amazing.  I enjoyed breakfast with the locals in Guerneville and then, walked in  Armstrong State Park and communed with and learned from the redwoods.  There is a trail for the visually impaired.  You hold a rope as guide, and walk and listen, but it was so beautiful, my eyes kept popping open.  Four deer accompanied me, and two woodpeckers pecked.   That was so little noise that the three little bones in my ears were thrilled to be still in the silence.   Actually, now I wonder if it is the bones that move, or the fluid, or the little hairs.  Oh, well.  I said I was tired. 

Then, I headed up to the place Chris and Frieda have chosen for their wedding, Wildwood Retreat Center.  I went up and up and up.  I came to a road ends sign and a pavenment ends sign and a no place to turn around for four and a half miles sign,  and still I went up and then, I thought what am I doing?  I've made a mistake.  Next stop, the stars, if it were night, so I turned around, not easily I might add,  and went back down and re-read the directions and went back up trying to figure out where 22,000 could be, when the road ended at 18,000.  I went up again, figuring I missed something and down again.  Oh, if only my cel phone would have worked within the maze in which I was wound, and, yet, it was beautiful. My eyes were opened wide.   Finally, I went back into Guerneville and called for directions.   Well, of course, you go on up the road of no entry and no pavement and so a third time up to Paradise and Martin and Tim, and Julie Andrews Point and the Memorial and views, views, views.  Tis top of the mountain.  And then I checked out Applewood for the rehearsal dinner and numbers are whirling in my head and I remember the days when I got married, and it was so much simpler.   This is to be four days of festivities and bonding, and I know it will be lovely, and in the moment, I feel very, very old.

Elaine sent me a wonderful video of a woman saying in two and a half minutes what we say to our children in 24 hours.  She says it to the William Tell Overture.  It is hilarious and it is so true.  I love the energy of the young, and I must admit that my energy level is simple and sloooowwww.  I am the turtle tonight and proud of it.  

Chris and Frieda call.  They understand the logistics.  All is well.  I can relax.   The wedding will be beautiful beyond imagining, in a spot that is heaven itself.  There is an oak there, the oldest of some certain kind of oak in California.  I don't know how they know that, but I believe it.  It is one of those twiners and exquisite indeed.  I picture Frieda in the tree in her wedding dress with Chris looking up at her.  It will be unimaginable. 

I know we need to stretch ourselves, and I accept that.  For Chris and Frieda, this is fun, and it is what is. 

Perhaps, complicating this, is that we are having our inner house painted, so I return to what will remain unexplained.  I am going to bed, setting my alarm, and again rising early for another day of fun.

May you, too, enjoy the life you live.  : )

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