Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Embraced -

I wake at three, embraced by the rain. I feel peaceful, as I lay snuggled under the covers, listening to the rain, and Steve's soft purr. I am still with my neighbor. She is bringing soup by today. When we moved here, Jeff was just four, and Chris not yet one. Mary was not yet pregnant, and then, she was. She had Tyler, and then, Jill. We speak of all the strollers we see now, the young mothers and fathers, and it is hard to believe so much time has passed. We are now those we thought "old" when we were young. Mary and Jim have always been staunch Republicans. They voted for Bush both times. Last night, Mary said she would go to Canada before she would let Jill be drafted by Bush for his war in Iraq. I think we are hearing the death knell on men too fearful to fight themselves sending young man and women to some kind of supposed glory that is actually hell for all involved. A young man we know is there, and supposed to be sent home soon. We pray he comes home healthy, and mentally, physically, and emotionally well.

My father fought in World War II, and my grandfather is World War I as did all able men in those times, and many women, too, but this war is not that. I am grateful that Bush's true colors are now being seen by those who believed in what were once Republican values that have been distorted. I read somewhere recently that the Republican party and Christianity both stood for something. They united originally to free the slaves. Now, they unite to make rich people richer. Again, I think we are seeing a change. Hurricane Katrina showed us that New Orleans had sunk literally into the third world category. Children go to bed hungry and uncared for in this country. Our moral superiority is no more. The whole world sees that we have work to do at home. I think the shadow of the United States is now visible for all to see; even we ourselves can see it shining darkly in the light.

Steve and I listened to an interview with Mary Oliver on the radio last night. She spoke of how she used to rise early to write her poetry, but now, she sometimes writes in the night. She spoke of change. Mary Oliver was introduced as a poet who writes of nature, and not people or politics, but she made her feelings on Bush very clear. When asked why she is now speaking out on politics, she said because politics has never been this bad. It is true. This is a wake-up call for us all. A year or more before this last election, Jeff, who knows computer security, said there was no way to control security on the computer voting. We saw what happened in Ohio.

Over the years, my neighbor and I have both been independently busy, and sometimes saw each other only in passing, and more intimately only a few times a year. Now, because we are both dealing with health issues, we will meet to walk slowly, and talk. I think many of us have lived, seemingly functioning independently through some of our years, but, actually all along we have been supported and intertwined. I think that is what this country is coming to see. We share one planet, one earth, one sky, one moon, many moons, a sun, many suns, and we haven't even begun to explore what else we share. We are begun!

I am peaceful, and savoring the embrace of the rain, and the dark!

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