Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Intention -

The sun is now out and intention is set, though I feel a little wiggly-wobble inside that feels more like rushing than rush, but I set my little ditty of a poem here to better found and ground my need to be rush,  not rushing.  I'm off to the city and will attend some panel discussions with Jane and return this evening, better informed and mobilized on this subject of publishing books.

Rushing is not Presence


When I am caught in rushing,

            not rushes

standing calmly in mud,

lifting green stalks of reverence to sky,

but rush with an I, N, G,

an ending allowing no end.



is movement that never completes. 

            It is not brushing the teeth

with nothing needed, contemplated,  or scheduled.

            It is not that.


I take the I, N, G,  off the word rush,

and settle into earth and sky,

round and serene.


                        “Sedges have edges,

                        and rushes are round,

                        Grasses are hollow

                        and nodes abound,”

                                    or is it,

                        “Grasses have nodes

                        from their tips to the ground.”


                        However it is, today I found myself a court

                                    where I decree

                                                minutes round like nodes

                                                            and rise unwound.




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