Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

I am awake and feeling and enjoying the results of the weekend of Sensory Awareness, of sensing.  The idea is to become aware of the air in which we swim, and the ground beneath us, the gravity which is our support, and against which we "pull" to enliven and lift.

It is experiential and so a challenge to talk about, and yet, I will work today to find ways to perhaps convey a piece of it or perhaps offer ways you might work right now where you are.   Perhaps there is this.

Sit.  Feel your sitbones.   Sway back and forth a bit.   Turn your head slowly to the right, aware of the journey, the balancing of particle and wave, and that is my own terminology.  I feel like I am breaking the wave into particles and then putting them back into waves again.  I am not sure what it is for others, but it is to enjoy the journey, not the destination of head looking right.   What is this for you, this journey?   What responds within?   Do it twice.   Then, do it on the other side.  Notice your breath.  How are you breathing as you turn your head?   Are you holding your breath or allowing it entry in and out?

We share one ground, one ocean of air.  Partake.   Give!   Receive!!

Breathe through your feet and all around.

Mount Madonna has magnificent oak trees, and one minute, you are in oak woodland and the next in redwood forest.  You can camp there.  Think fall and acorns and coolness and ease.

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