Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!!

It is another beautiful day and I am listening to the sounds of the house below me being destroyed.  It was a lovely, well-maintained home, the home of various young families in the years that we have been here, but now it is not enough for the latest purchaser, also a young family.  They sent us a notice of construction.  It will be nine months of noise for us while they live somewhere else, and then, they will come with their young family, anxious to be welcomed with open arms, and I am sure we will, and today, I find it painful to listen to the noise and destruction.

I realize I suffer when a tree comes down, and I also feel angst over a house.  I was used to hearing children play in the back yard.  They had various little constructions they had created as my sons did when they were young.  Anyway, it is being "scraped" today, and all will be gone.

Yesterday we enjoyed the city like tourists, and ate at the Cliff House, entertained by surfers and pelicans.

We went to Stow Lake and rented a pedal boat.  There was another young family out there, and young couples who appeared on their way to that. It was quite romantic.   We were the boat elders and pedaled, floated, and drifted.  I felt like rat and mole in Wind in the Willows without the magnificent lunch.  That already rested in our stomachs.

About six months ago,  I order the DVD Into Great Silence, a film by Philip Groning,  and it came yesterday, so we watched and savored this experience of presence and meditation.  One is held on the natural light, and led into prayer and the deep rumblings and calm within.   I recommend it.  I watched it in parts.  I am sure watching it in one felt swoop would be magnificent, and I paused to pause.

Savor this day in peace, despite having a president who thinks it is okay to tell other countries and people what to do.  If only he could find serenity, and touch within.   Pray for that for each of us, as individuals and as a  whole.

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