Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
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Morning -

Last night, Jan’s parents informed her that they would not support her decision, would not meet Jeff or his family, and would not attend the wedding.  They want her to start attending a group where she will meet Chinese males.  She is 31 years old, soon to be 32.  It might seem a bit late for that.  

I find it ironic that Steve’s father flew the hump in WWII in a C-46.  He does work in China now, and they reverence Steve for the work his father did in helping to rescue them from the Japanese.  On that front, it seems it could be worst.  We could be Japanese.

What I do not understand is why Jan’s parents are not curious about us.  Don't they want to meet the choice of their daughter?   And, perhaps, it is too soon.

 I find myself this morning remembering a poem of Norman Fischer’s called “Hate.”   The last three lines have guided me for years.

            Hate is like throwing a handful of shit

            Onto a red hot ingot

            You have to pick it up first

When, this morning, I opened the book, Precisely the Point Being Made,  from which the poem comes, the book fell open to this poem.  It is the right poem to guide  me now.  It stretches this problem over time, and that is what is needed.  Her parents are in shock.  But, over time, they will come to see the wisdom and beauty of their daughter’s choice.


            TO MY SONS    by Norman Fischer


            Perhaps after a time

            When others review our presence

            Our  journals bound, strange

            That we read and renew the scene

            We can’t understand without words to

            Make it real, adult life.

            I could be talking right now

            Over again about the script

            A red and white camellia in a vase

            In the alcove where the script reads

            “Pine tree green a thousand years”

            I throw a bottle over my shoulder.

            What a relief!


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