Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Oil -

When I read yesterday that a container ship had hit the Bay Bridge, it did not seem there was going to be much of a problem, but reading the news today, it seems that it is a huge problem, and that oil is leaking out into the ocean, and no fish can be pulled from the bay, and who knows how far out.  The news is sad, and the depth of the tragedy is as yet unknown.   Certainly wildlife will suffer, are already being affected. 

Jane and I had a good conversation this morning.  She is so impressed that my mother could just sit and look out the window, that one could choose such stillness and inner comfort.  She finds it freeing.  It is what I grew up with, so I suppose there is something in me craving it and also struggling to find the balance between "being" and "doing."

Here is Tu Fu -

    Floating, floating, what am I like?
    Between earth and sky, a gull alone.

             - Tu Fu


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