Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

oil-soaked birds -

We all use oil, so we might say we can't complain, but why was a man who had been censured and censured and who had recently run a ship aground allowed to still be piloting ships in and out of the bay?  Now he has disappeared, and maybe that is the best thing, since it might not be possible for those who are cleaning oil off birds to meet with him and be cordial.   Perhaps, even gentle people would dip him in oil.

It seems it is difficult to find out who owns ships.  Corporations prefer to evade responsibility and perhaps that is when accidents are more likely to occur, when supposedly no one is responsible.  When we are responsible, we are rewarded with the wonderful feeling of a job well-done.  

It is difficult to not feel angry.  Our beaches are closed and animals are dying, and all that was needed was that a relatively narrow object fit through an extremely wide opening.  Yes, it was foggy, but the ship had radar, and now, it is a sobering day.   I suppose it doesn't really matter if someone "pays," as the damage is done, and how do we impose a conscience from now on?

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