Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Sunday -

The news today is sobering.  This Frank Rich column is a must-read:  


I have a friend who has been on a news-fast, so she didn't know about the oil disaster in the bay.  It is obviously debilitating sometimes to read the news, but, if we don't, we have what Frank Rich is talking about.  It is odd to realize we have lost the democracy in which we thought we lived.  I suppose it has been going on for a long time and now it is so blatant we cannot ignore it.

That our newly approved attorney general would not, can not, come out against waterboarding says it all, and the sun is shining and the beaches will again open and heal, and there is a place where it may be over the top.

Most of us live as optimists and there is a place to stay aware.  Some people think global warming has gone too far, and that this country has gone too far as a dictatorship to be turned back.  Let's work to make that untrue.  Healing happens. 

So, Sunday.   Veteran's Day.  The Google logo has the O's and E wearing military hats.  It is a cute way, I suppose, to celebrate the day.  Maybe one day we'll celebrate those who march for peace, and there won't be anyone left to celebrate who was sent off to war.

Rest your wing feathers, today, and keep them cleansed of oil.

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