Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Oh, My!

This late afternoon, Steve and I went to see Robert Redford's latest movie, Lions for Lambs.  Steve loved it.   I think it is important to see.  I felt I was lectured for one hour and 28 minutes and I don't regret the lecture.  It reminded me, at times, of the movie, Mindwalk.  Clearly, the movie is key, but I must admit that I came home and drank red wine with dinner and then got into the chocolate leaves from Sees that I bought to decorate the table on Thanksgiving Day.    I know everything that was said in this movie, and I believe in it, and it is tough.

Steve says, we should walk out of the movie,  and say, "What now can we do?"

I agree, and how does one know.  Jane and I worked today and we feel that people writing together is a way to change the world, and how do we know what we do is enough, and maybe it is enough to just know that each one of us is enough and we need to consider wisely as we choose.

See Lions for Lambs.    It is a must-see and, in my opinion, it is not an enjoyable experience, and maybe that is an even stronger reason to see it.  Peace Corps, anyone?

What now do we do?

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