Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Poem by Hayden Carruth -


    by Hayden Caruth

What many people fail to understand
about the art and science of mechanics
is that one may know perfectly what happens
under the hood of your car when you turn on
the ignition, and you may comprehend
to a nicety how the combination of pump
and pressure tank and heating coils produces
hot water when you turn the tap, and yet
the wonder never ceases.  That this can be
- and is - is what bestirs the mind and heart.
Ours is a faith that never starts a war
nor rips a living child from its warm womb,
a faith that needs no ghastly hierophant
hung dead upon a cross to speak for us.
It is faith in the miracle of the possible,
faith in the peaceful knowledge of what is true.


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