Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy


I woke this morning and took time to daydream.  My mother loved to daydream and Jane is showing me the value of it as she listens to stories of my mother and is so impressed that she could just sit and look out the window.  Sometimes, like this morning, I look into my own private window, rather than out.  It is still dark, of course, and I come to this room and don't open the blinds.  I am enthused about Connection Well, and feeling peaceful.   I open my email and there is something from Caring Bridge.  Mitchell, at the age of fifteen and a half, has moved on to a wider world.  Tears come.  It is a sad beginning to the day, and it is what it is.

I seem to know of so many people who have died in these last few weeks, young people, suddenly.  I was thinking of death last night, trying to understand what seems so incomprehensible.   I was reading the best 2006 Essays of 2006.  Bella was snuggled on my lap, and it seemed like I kept hitting the essays that dealt with the death of a pet.  I thought of the death of Mandu and now we have Tiger and Bella, and still, as much as we love Tiger and Bella, and, we do, we miss Mandu.

I am not comparing deaths, only trying to understand what seems unfathomable, at times, to me, and yet, in this moment, I feel myself surrounded by angels, and I know that the breath of Mitchell is here in broader form.   I feel him breathing peace into me, love.  He is a larger womb.  

Peace.   I am told that the beach at Tennessee Valley is clean, though it is still closed.  No oil clogs its sand, rocks, or birds. 


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