Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Speaking of poetry -

I am reading Nine Ways to Cross a River by Akiko Busch.  

I love this idea and how she presents it in her book.

    "In ancient China, serpentine streams were sometimes constructed for the play of literary games.  Scholars and poets would gather, positioning themselves at appointed bends in the stream.  The host would then name the subject of a poem, then float a cup of wine down the stream to the first guest, who would compose the first line of the poem, sip the wine, then send both down the stream to the next guest.  As the cup floated from bend to bend and guest to guest, so too was the poem completed. 

I love this image and idea.  Perhaps each of us can imagine our own stream and our own sips of wine, and construct a meandering, serpentine poem, one that floats and also lines the banks of our dreams.   Savor this precious day.  It is another beauty.


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