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A time to die -

Elaine reminded me of this essay that Mitchell had written before he went into the emergency room to learn how sick he was.  He was fourteen when he wrote this.  I think it shows the wisdom we encounter as we live aware that this life also births with death.

Mitchell wrote this life essay assignment the night before he went into the emergency room:

What is the purpose of life?

As the famous James Dean once said “Dream as if you’ll live forever and live as if you’ll die today.” You only have so much time to live, so spend everyday as if it were your last and fulfill your wishes, be gracious to elders, your friends, and family, and do not be afraid to show the real you. The love of our friends and family and the ability to dream and keep memories makes life worth living.
Most people just take life for granted. They drink, smoke or murder to get out of reality because their bad memories hover around them. They need to accept their problems and move on with life. I know this is a tough process but that’s how life is. There are fulfilling and unfulfilling deeds and we all must leave them behind and look for to a solution. We must spend time with friends or family because they make us whole. They light up our day when we are gloomy and pick us up when we have fallen. It has been proven by scientists that babies need contact in any way to survive; one baby was left alone for a few days and died and another was given company and lived. This comes to prove; every living organism needs contact as a reason for it to live, otherwise, it might feel all alone and feel no point in living. This contact could be a hug, a conversation, a good deed for someone else, or even a little hello to let that person know that they exist and that you care.
Memories and dreams always, come to mind. When we see, hear, smell, touch, or feel certain things, we tend to remember good memories/experiences or dreams/ideas. Memories and dreams occupy us when we are bored, writing essays, remembering the “good old days,” or just trying to grow a few inches. They take us where we want to be and create a relaxing getaway. Good memories and dreams can help us in the darkest times and when we need them most. For example; they help us remember all of the fantastic moments spent with your grandma, before she departed this world and dream about the wonderful place she is in now. Also, dream about all of the events you still can do together, knowing that she will always be in your heart. Without dreams or memories, our dreams of skydiving and the memory of luscious smelling chocolate would fade away and there would be no motivation, to keep on living.
The average life span of a human today in about eighty-six and the oldest woman, Mrs. Clement from France, lived to be one hundred and twenty-two. She out lived her kids and her grandson; at this point to me, there would be no point in living. You have no more family or friends left and your memories and dreams fade as time passes by. The only people you probably come in contact with, is nosey reporters who want to hear your life story. Life, sometimes in your dark and depressing days, seem point less, and you just wonder why we are here and why life sucks so much. These days can be caused by injuries, no contact, or a loss, which bring up horrible memories and ideas. These make you cry and dwell on the hardships of life and put you back to a person who takes life for granted. There are always, always complications in life, but we need to make our own path that will make our lives more enjoyable.
If you think your life sucks, think about all the other children and families who have the same problems as you but way worse off. Think about the people who are going to lose their loved ones or already have. Those who will never forget the tears that they shed as the house remained quite, the beautiful smile and charming face glowing in memory, the troubled voice that still hovers over the passenger seat, and the thought that you will never see your only love until you die (In Memory of Jane Dabney). Those who have lost their loved ones feel the only solution in solving their problem, is to take there life, so they can be with the ones they love. Imagine how sad and broken hearted those people feel; waking up everyday knowing that a part of your heart is missing, how could or would you want to live like that? Also think about all of those people who are suffering and dying, do you think they regret life. I bet they wish they could have done things differently and enjoy life as you still can. Treat everyday as if it were your last and remember life is a gift; it can easily be taken away.

In memory of Mitchell Louie, who lights memories and dreams.


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