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Yesterday I was re-reading Dancing in the Dharma, The Life and Teachings of Ruth Denison.by Sandy Boucher. The book has more potency since I've met Ruth Denison and seen for myself what a woman can be like even after suffering unbelievable abuse during WWII in Germany.  I was meeting someone for dinner at Salute on the bay in Richmond, and being early, strolled along enjoying the almost-half moon and the setting sun.  What I discovered is a wonderful park and museum dedicated to Rosie the Riveter.   Check it out:   http://www.rosietheriveter.org/

I learned that many Rosie's lived in San Francisco, and because they wore pants for work could pass for men and ride on the outside of the cable car which women weren't allowed to do.  They then took the ferry to Richmond and worked on the ships all day and danced well into the night.  There is an exuberance to their life that is probably a bit exaggerated, but the energy is palatable. 

There is a wonderful abstract, "sculptural elements of stainless steel" drawn from ship's blueprints and suggesting the "unfinished forms of hull, stack and stem under construction."   There is a time-line sandblasted into white granite with quotes from women workers and a history of the war.  Rose bushes and grasses soften the enchanting effect.  It is magnificent, and such an odd contrast to what happened in Germany.   Here, women came into the workplace and built ships. 

We need a leader now who can channel vision, connectivity and creativity in a peaceful way. 

Here is specific information on the Rosie the Riveter Memorial.  It is worth a stop as you travel back and forth between Marin and the East Bay.


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