Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Rivers -

John Ruskin:

    "All rivers, small or large, agree in one character, they like to lean a little one side:  they cannot bear to have their channels deepest in the middle, but will always, if they can, have one bank to sun themselves upon, and another to get cool under;  one shingly shore to play over, where they may be shallow and foolish, and childlike, and another deeper shore, under which they can pause and purify themselves, and get the strength of their waves fully together for the occasion.  Rivers in this way are just like wise men, who keep one side of their life for play, and another for work."

I read these words and consider how each of us steers the deep, wide current within.  My sense is that in life, yes, we go back and forth, but we are steered and stay on course by a rudder more deeply aligned than we know, and maybe we sometimes we allow ourselves to feel that flow.


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