Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

It's not hard to do!

Okay, like that, I sent my email to Nancy Pelosi.  It's easy.   Now, I will choose some beautiful stationery and hand-write my letter to her.

I am keeping it brief and simple. 

    Here is what I said in the email and will now write out in longhand.  Actually I am simplifying it as I go.

       Dear Ms. Pelosi,

          We cannot allow Dick Cheney to do in Iran what he has done in Iraq.

          Stop him by beginning impeachment proceedings.

          Thank you for balancing your important political position with awareness and care for all sides, and act on this now.

          It is time to stop this administration before they destroy even more how the United States is perceived around the world.

                Thank you!!

Sit down and write yours now!!   Do you have something more important to do that preventing more death, pain, and destruction?

Then, on Thanksgiving Day, you can give thanks that you took this small step for peace, this leap,  for the universe.


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