Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Saturday Morning!!

Today I feel Heart Happy and Tummy Soothed! It is raining, and that gives such a lilt of permission for coziness and snuggly being. We had a fire in the fireplace last night, candles lit, and candles lit this morning. I keep humming the song about the lazy days of summer, thinking the lazy days of winter are not so bad.
I have been reading Eckhart Tolle's new book "A New Earth," and savoring it as I think is best with what he writes. When he writes of presence as timelessness, it doesn't feel quite right to rush right through, and put a check-mark next to it as another book on my list that is complete. Amazingly, I have no list right now. I seem, in this moment, to be feeling a balance between being and doing. Of course, the minutes keep coming like ping pong balls, and they also merge to flow.
I loved the morning ritual in the mountains of Nepal of elimination. Each person would head out for a walk and find a place to squat. I always chose a beautiful view, and considered the whole experience an augmentation of my day. I felt that way this morning, my view more within, perhaps, but it is such a lovely morning, with the light, and soft grays and the sound of the rain, and even my little bathroom with its porcelain bowl and soft, curved seat feels quite special indeed to me.
Ah, the sky has changed now. A deepening darkness approaches. It is perfect for snuggling. Mandu shows the way.

My only wrinkle right now is the approaching confirmation of Alito. I do not see much hope of it being blocked, and from what I understand it is a major defeat for everything this country stands for. His confirmation will influence at least the next twenty years.
I will try and see this confirmation, if it occurs, as the black cloud, that brings the rain, that allows the snuggling, buried bulb to eventually emerge, quite potent in bloom, in spring.

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