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Good Morning!!

Elaine sends me information on Tibetan Buddhism and their view of death.  I combine her words with mine.  


We, in this society, see the body as a shell, so that when the breath stops, the person is “gone,” but in Tibetan Buddhism, the body dies in five stages as the elements of earth, water, metal, air, and fire, depart.  Then, there are three stages where the spirit and mind leave the body.  It is important during the three days after physical death that there is a meditative relationship with the body and that someone is there with the body at all times.  Then for 49 days after death, the mind/spirit are still around and not yet reincarnated, so there is access to the person who died.  It is important to encourage them to move on, as they may not want to leave.


There is something refreshing for me about this view of death and I feel it to be true.  This morning I woke with a whole new relationship with Mitchell as though he has been assuring me all is okay and giving me a peek into his new world, and now, he is adjusting there and moving along in the ways that make sense for him, though sense may be an odd term in the new state in which he is in.


I feel peaceful around it all this morning, blessed to be sharing in his passing.  Of course, it is easy for me to say.  I am not his family, and I find reassurance in it for my own time when it comes.  We do have time to say good-bye.


My home is filled with the smell of Narcissus.  I planted the bulbs wanting full fragrance for Thanksgiving and it is here.  


I sit now in my own little hut of blessings, a castle really, but I am visualizing it as a hut filled with all my needs.  In reading the book on rivers, I am more aware of the streams within.  I also want to visit these “Blue Springs” in Missouri.  It feels important to know there is such rich color in the near center of the country.  The blue comes from the dolomite in the limestone.


Frieda has invited me to be included with her mother and bridesmaids to go up to Wildwood to check out the wedding site and begin planning colors and set-up.  I am thrilled to be included.  We will also check out some wineries along the way.  We will do that the weekend of January 5th.   Today, feels like the beginning of the holiday season as I begin the grocery shopping and settle into Thanksgiving preparation which leads to Chanukah, Solstice and Christmas.   It is a lovely time of year, as are they all.


Alan Watts said Charlotte Selver actually did what he talked about.


“She can take anything, the floor, a ball, a rock, a bamboo pole, a glass of water, or a piece of bread – and get you to relate to it in such a way that the harsh dualism of what you do and what happens to you is transcended.  She puts you in love with the simple fact of physical existence.”


Charlotte spoke of the full range of our potential, much of which often escapes our notice.   She was clear that there are no “ungifted” people.  “If we believe we are ungifted, we will find on closer examination that we are only hindered, and hindrances can gradually be shed, when we get insight into what has held us back and give ourselves new chances.”


We respond to our environment through “Four Dignities of Man.”   They are standing, walking, sitting, lying down.   Charlotte would invite people to lie down, and then, ask “Do you have enough room to lie comfortably?” “Can you allow the body to rest on the floor?”   Explore.


In this moment, we sit.  Feel your sit bones on the chair.  Is there room between them for air?   Does breath explore even there?   Does your head rise toward the ceiling like a tree and breathe?


Enjoy this special day of aliveness on the planet Earth.   Enjoy the birds and trees.







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