Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Fireplace fires -

I know there are people attached to their right to own a gun, and maybe I am as fond of my right to have a fire.  Because our house is older, we still have an old-fashioned fireplace.  We don't have a fire often.  I am careful with my choice and choose a rainy night.   We didn't even have our traditional Thanksgiving fire because it didn't feel cold enough.  The afternoon sun pours into our living room and leaves quite a round of heat.

I feel concern that my right to have a fire in my fireplace may be banned.  I consider myself intelligent enough to choose when it is appropriate to have a fire.  I won't be out driving that night or consuming.  I'll be looking at the waves in the fire,

Because there are so many of us on the planet, we need a lot of "rules."   Rules are replacing common sense.  I find that sad.   There are no rules against Hummers, and certainly that is more of a pollutant than my five or six fires a year, and I am aware that I am stuck in my own desire and love of the serenity and rejuvenation found in watching a fire.  

I also get enjoyment from a candle flame, though, those will probably be banned too.

It is a funny world in which we live, and again, I offer a vote for common sense.  How about if each time I don't upgrade my cell phone or buy the latest iPod, I get to have one nightly fire?  Certainly that would be an equal trade as to pollutants and my carbon footprint.   I could use no lights the night of my fire, and wear clothes another day.   How about a trade?

I really can't imagine a life in which my grandchildren will never see a burning fire, other than wildfires on TV, with even wilder exclamations by lacquered anchorpeople, on fear.

That is sad to me.  


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