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As you may know, Jane and I have set up a social network to connect those who love to write and who enjoy it as a way to connect with themselves and explore what is within.

December is the month of birth, so it seems like a good time to launch.

It seems that many of you are feeling a bit “down” as the days darken.   Others are away on retreat.   It is a time to hibernate, and yet, we still need to connect.

We offer a solution.

We invite you to join our social network.  To find out how to join, email us at connectionwell@gmail.com.  We’ll send you the invite.   We want to keep this intimate and small.

The idea is that you will do what Jane and I have done.  You will commit with another person to your writing practice.  You will move writing to the top of your list, not the middle or end.  You won’t feel alone.  Jane, I, and others will be there, and if you want to be alone, then, your space is your own.  

The first step is to find a time of day or night when you can devote a minimum of ten to twenty minutes to your writing and a maximum of an hour.  Find someone who will commit to the same time period with you.  The two of you will speak at an agreed upon time, then write, and then speak again to share, or not share, what has come.  Together, you create a space for your muses to unite.

This may sound scary but there is nothing to lose and much to gain.  Find a friend and join.  What you post can be seen by only you, or by you and your friend, or by all of us.  You choose with each posting, or you may choose not to post at all, and only check in to see what others are posting.  

We’ll weather December together and ignite as January brings more light.

Give your New Year’s Resolution a head start.   Begin!!

This is an easy way to lengthen the winter days!   Now!!



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