Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!!

December 1st welcomes us with a clear, cold day.

We have an early morning brunch to attend so are soon out the door.   I think I might possibly over-decorate for Christmas but this family makes me look like a pre-Christmas ghost Scrooge.    It is exciting to enter a Holiday Home!

I see that our legislators have taken a bold step.   They are legislating 35 miles a gallon on average by the year 2020.   That is thirteen years away.   How radical can we get?    I won't even bring up how we mobilized for WWII or walked on the moon.  I find it too sad to even compare what has been done in the past.

And there is good news as innovators and visionaries  work to ensure gas mileage soars and that there are alternatives and maybe we all will be joyfully walking and riding bikes to work and errands by then.  Who knows?   The future shines like this beautiful day!!

We saw the movie Ten Canoes last night.  I recommend it as a look into the beauty of time.  It is a gorgeous meditation, and teaches patience to us all.   Then, read Homo Aestheticus, Where Art Comes From and Why by Ellen Dissanayake, and feel inspired with how we realm in and through art.

Happy first day of December!!   Hooray!!   I'm wearing a necklace of Christmas, trees, stars, and lights.   May you, too, shine in this bright, clear light and the warmth of candles, shared food, and smiles.

This moment is my delight!!


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