Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Today -

I am wrapped in the love and beauty of Mitchell's celebratory gathering.   I think the tone was set when the family requested that those attending wear red and yellow, festive colors.  Red is Mitchell's name in Chinese, and yellow is his favorite color.  There were Christmas trees on the altar and people glowed with reds, yellows, and golds. 

Honoring Chinese tradition, we were all given a red envelope with a coin inside so we can buy a treat and keep our memories sweet.  In the case of Mitchell, it seems that there is only sweetness to be shared.

Glow sticks danced in the night as the celebration ended, and we all feasted on some of Mitchell's favorite desserts.

I felt him there, overseeing love and peace.

Mitchell had said he would show up in shooting stars and silver linings for clouds.  I saw a shooting star, and then there was the sky last night.  Did you see the clouds before, during, and after the sun set?   The clouds were lined with silver, and, also, gold.  There were diamonds thrown in, and jewels.    Even as I drove south at 10:30 last night, I could see gold, silver, and jewels shining through the dark pillowed clouds.

I don't understand life and death.  I suppose none of us can, not logically, but, what I felt last night was great love, joy, connection, peace, ease.  Yes, there were tears and there was something momentous in what was shared.

May we all value the moments of our lives.  That was the message.   May we live with a smile on our face, with courage and determination to love, love, love, and to tell those we love how much we love them.  Don't be stingy with the message.  Share.  Share.   Care.

I wish everyone could have been there, and with modern technology, they can.  It was recorded for all to see and remember. 

The house where I attended brunch yesterday is always lavishly and lovingly decorated for Christmas.  There is a theme each year of something to count.  The theme this year was how many items were in the house that dealt with flight.   We were counting the birds, and Santa's sleigh, and Rudolph and the flying reindeers, when we noticed the clock that was wearing antlers.  Did it fly?   Time flies. 

See time with wings, and live aware of how rich you can make its flight.

The theme of the pastor's talk last night was time.  Mitchell now lives where there is no time.   Since we are still bound by it, we can live,  seeing how stretchy we can make it be.

                                    Be elastic and light with time!!


                                        Feel your lips curve like goblets of gold.

                                                      Hold light, fragrant, and kind.

                                    Mitchell's light envelops us with halos of gold.  

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