Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Authentic Happiness!!

Martin Seligman has a wonderful book called Authentic Happiness. He believes we can create our set-point for happiness, the place we go back to as to joy when all settles out. So, when we win the lottery or learn we have cancer, there is joy or sorrow, but, then, within a few months, we are back at our set-point. You can check him out on-line, or read his book. I recommend it. My women's group with Mudita spent nine months with this book, and it allowed each of us to identify our core strengths, and, though, some members of the group wanted other "fancier" core strengths, I think it is good for each of us to take a peek, and see our own personal response. I was delighted with my core strengths, and I still am, and that is my experience. Only you can experience yours. See where your tulip petal falls, and when.

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